Used in food packaging,medicine packaging,optical product,electronic auxiliary product,vehicle,new building material,new energy, aviation and so on.

Application area

Food packaging: series flexible package,high barrier film...

Optical level product: Diffuse film,light focus film,Rainbow film...

New construction material: roofing material , wall body material, waterproof roofing material...

Stationery: Nonwovens, Adhesive...

Vehicle: Cars,trains,PVB security film...

New energy: Solar energy,lithium batteries,aerospace...

Home appliance assort products: Television,Refrigerator...

Pharmaceutical packaging: Medicine packaging,Isolation clothing…

Suitable Materials

Raw materials: include almost all polymers, such as PP、PE、PC、 PMMA、PET、EVA、ABS、PS、PA、PVC、PVB、PTFE、EMA、 TPU、carbon fiber、PVDF、PVA、PI、EVOH、LLDPE、biological PE、PA、PLA etc.

  • apply1Medical packaging
  • apply2Optical level product
  • apply3Vehicle
  • apply4Aerospace
  • StationeryStationery
  • apply6Food packaging
  • apply7New building materials
  • apply8New energy
  • apply_09Home appliance assort


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