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Screen changer series

Product Description

Fast screen changer specifications : φ60-350mm

Singer-plate type duplex working position fast screen changer

Double-plate type quadruple working position fast screen changer

Singer-column type duplex working position fast screen changer

Double-column type quadruple working position fast screen changer

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Come with filter device properties, applying to easy cracking high molecular weight plastic of high transparency and viscosity.

Leakproof steel bushing modulated, can freely dismount the wearing without any further processing.

Shorten residence time, flow channel without plastic retention.

Processing temperature controlled to make field leakproof adjustment on coefficient of mental expansion problem.

Hole to hole screen changing with oil pressure takes about 0.01 second without downtime.

Dismantle filter hole steel die independently to clean the detained plastic in the hole, then fast replaced to ensure the cleanest plastic after filter.

Preheating device equipped to prevent the plastic from cooling and slow moving during screen changing process.


Technical Features

Duplex working position fast screen changer time ≤2s. filter area about φ30-φ350.

Come with grinding resistant, pressure resistant and high precision filter to ensure maximized filtering area and optimized filtering results.

Operational performance won't affected under the pressure of 25-30Mpa and temperature of 300 degree.

Safely screen cover designed to improve the safety factor of operation.

Model Moderate product(kg/h) Product weight(kg) Heating power
Voltage(V) Total power(W)
JY-BS-70 75-200 100 230/400 3500/5900
JY-BS-100 130-350 138 230/400 4500/6800
JY-BS-120 190-500 170 230/400 5500/7400
JY-BS-150 350-800 280 230/400 6500/8600
JY-BS-180 450-1250 330 230/400 7600/9500
JY-BS-200 550-1500 370 230/400 8500/10700
JY-BS-250 800-2500 450 230/400 9500/11700
JY-BS-300 1200-3500 600 230/400 13000/18000
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