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Waterproof roll die

Product Description

Adjusting screws installed in tiny gap working on resin pressure and mental bounce, able to bend the lip to adjust gap, so that continuous flow can be formed without blocking on lip part.

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Technical Features

Mobilizable die orifice equipped to make rough adjustment.

45degree blocking rod equipped to make material flow adjustment, stuitable to produce waterproof sheet of 1-8mm.

Apply to PE,PA,PP,PET,ABS,PS and other materials.

Die width: 1000mm-10000mm.

Automatic adjustable die head for making pvc drainge panel & waterproof roll

Product Description

Lip can quickly adjust the lip gap for making different thickness. products is flat and uniformity. it is easy for adjustable. divide and extrusion can be adjusted for making different thickness products at a production line.

Die adopt coat hanger flow channel, die adopt 45 degree chock bar device to adjusting, Easily for changing flow speed and output. with constant-temperature by high resisting temperature stainless heating bar to max reduce power.

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Die steel

Alloy steel with high stability and less deformed processing. internal and external surface work by polishing, electrplating and wearing.

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