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Jingyue's R&D center makes full use of practical experience to improve the application of high-edged technologies.To obtain precise mold runner design, products are under RT analysis, through computer simulations of polymer rheology during the design process. At the same time the most advanced engineering technology of computer models is adopted to ensure optimal runner's geometric design.

Over years engaged in professional model & mold design and production, our company is capable of identifying design problems and offer the best solution in the first stage of new product development. Thus we can truly realize the verification of market and cost problem on senses, material properties, mold structure and on the cost. That will help shorten your new product development cycle, lower the cost, win the market as soon as possible.

Striving for excellent quality, Jingyue's goal is not only to provide incorporate with first class products, but also committed to inherent the value of technology innovation into the products, constantly improving with innovation and good quality, thus to create a better life with the community and build unlimited space for enterprise development.



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