Meltblown die head

Meltblown Mould Meltblown Die Head Nonwoven Fabric Mould


Product Manual:

Hanger runner

Technical characteristics:

The conventional model of the die head is 430mm-2400mm, and the diameter of the melt-blowing head (spinneret) is 0.2mm-0.3mm. Spindle hole center distance between 0.7mm-0.8mm

Suitable for process temperature below 350, carbon fiber 330-350, PP, PET300 below

The suitable output is generally 30-50KG / hour and can also be determined according to the production capacity of the production line.

Application range:

(1) Medical and sanitary cloths: surgical gowns, protective clothing, sterile cloths, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc .

(2) Cloths for home decoration: wall stickers, tablecloths, bed sheets, bed covers, etc .

(3) Cloth for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, flakes, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather base fabrics, etc .

(4) Industrial fabrics: filter materials, insulating materials, cement bags, geotextiles, covering fabrics, etc .

(5) Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, nursery cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc .

(6) Others: space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc .


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