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Jingyue participates in Chinaplas

“Jingyue·Extrusion Technology” has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing and market service of extrusion manufacturing technology. Jingyue is an international professional integrating research, development and manufacturing of extrusion plates, sheets, film die and equipment. The manufacturer of extrusion flat die manufacturing. Products include automatic adjustment control die, multi-channel in-mold co-extrusion compound die, hollow grid plate single-layer multi-layer die, various shapes hollow product die, crust foam plate die, fast opening adjustment flat die Head, flat-mouth coating die, laminating die, waterproof coil die, optical grade sheet, sheet die, multi-layer co-extruded compound dispenser, melt metering gear pump, hydraulic screen filter, etc., with modern First-class factory and complete processing equipment, with an annual output of more than 500 sets of products and supporting equipment. With an annual output value of 50 million, the company has a complete industrial chain and a scientific and mature business management model, efficient management and execution capabilities, a profound corporate culture, a high degree of social responsibility and a clear vision for development.

This exhibition of CHINAPLAS2015 means that the industry will bring the latest “Jingyue·Extrusion Technology” results, and then welcome the elites from all walks of life to visit and guide.


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